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26. January 2017
Italian scenery | Juri Gottschall

Juri Gottschall is a photographer from Munich, Germany, with a strong love for Italy. Besides working for several well-known magazines and newspapers he founded the blog Splendido Magazin, together with his friend Mercedes Lauenstein. The two write mainly about Italian eating culture and share delicious and easy recipes with their readers. The blog is in German, but I still recommend it to you because of all the beautiful imagery! And to all the German speakers here: Go to Splendido Magazin right now and be ready to get lost in all the interesting articles.

Coppa Pesche #gelato

Italian scenery at the beach

Italian tennis court

Ad Wall

Coppa Tutti Frutti #gelato

Discoteca | Signature

Bagno Miramare | Italian Signature

Lago di Garda


Italy by Night | Rucceri | Italian Store Signature

Italian Scenery

Italian Store Entrance

Coppa Italiano #gelato

Coppa Bombastico #gelato


Italy by Night

Alimentari | Italian Store Signature

Coppa Gardesana #gelato

La Dolce Vita


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