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Clean and timeless Sunglasses by Folc Eyewear #madeinitaly

Folc Eyewear and Sunglasses

Folc Eyewear: Sculpted and Handmade in Italy. Designed in Barcelona. Folc eyewear is a Spanish brand from Barcelona that developes small collections of clean and timeless eyewear and sunglasses. They produce all collections with just a limited number of models and put quality over…

31. July 2017

Mleko Living – Essential over Excessive

Mleko Living is a design studio from Krakow, Poland, with a mission to simplify and improve our everyday lives. It was founded this year by Katarzyna Goluszka and Michal Zaluski. The studio creates simple objects for everyday use in cooperation with local craftsmen. The…

18. June 2017
Cristina Celestino | The Happy Room for FENDI

Cristina Celestino creates Happy Room for Fendi

Cristina Celestino is an Italian product designer and creative director. In 2009 she moved to Milan where she founded her own design brand under the name “Attico”, which produces lamps and furniture characterized by a deep research on materials and shapes. In 2012 she…

30. March 2017
Woven cotton blanket handmade in Brazil | Joinery NYC

Joinery NYC

Joinery NYC is a place where all kinds of good things come together. It’s a collage of whimsy and restraint, an ode to vintage and a nod to experimentation, a mixture of the familiar with the exotic. A thing that finds its way into…

9. February 2017
Metallic planter in silver aluminium

Metallic Planters

Last week I introduced you the independent design house Yield. I showed you a couple of their products already, but I left out my favorite: Their metallic planters! What I like so much about those is that they do not only look good, they…

12. January 2017
Yield | colored glas french press & pour over

Yield Design House

Yield is an independent design house: part industrial design studio, design label and manufacturer. Yield designs and manufactures a range of bags, jewelry, and goods for the home with an aim to pair American craft and ingenuity with an eye toward the future. The brand…

5. January 2017
Hat Knit Kit by Wool and the Gang
Fashion Objects

Wool and the Gang – Knit Kits

I’ve been a fan of Wool and the Gang since I started to learn knitting three years ago. As winter is approaching and it’s suuuper cold here already, I thought I needed to introduce the Gang to you too! Wool and the Gang was…

10. November 2016
Kinto Japanese Ceramics | Teamug


Kinto is a Japanese brand that is all about slowing down and enjoying the little things in life. They pair this with a beautiful simple design aesthetic which I really like. Especially their ceramic and tea products have caught my interest: Kinto Unitea Unitea…

28. October 2016
Daily Fiction Stationery by Normann Copenhagen | Colorful Rulers

Daily Fiction Stationery by Normann Copenhagen

The Daily Fiction stationery universe by Normann Copenhagen consists of exquisite smaller design goods ready to tempt and fascinate all design lovers. Scandinavian design simplicity combined with eye-catching and exclusive looking details in gold, modern terrazzo prints, metallic and graphic color-blocking stripes create an…

7. October 2016
Planetary Bowls | free blown glass

Planetary Bowls

I wanted to own the Planetary Bowls from the first moment I saw them! Perhaps it is not only because of the tactile design but because I have a thing for all things planetary. (Did you know that my wish as a child was…

8. September 2016