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Royal Exchange Grind | Sophisticated Espresso Bar in London

Royal Exchange Grind London – Espresso Bar

Biasol Design Studio Biasol Design Studio was established in 2012 by Jean-Pierre Biasol and is based in Melbourne. The studio is a full-service creative design consultancy, specialising in crafting  interiors, buildings and products for their clients. They focus on the delivery of sound design and…

3. November 2016
La Muralla Roja | Colors in Architecture

Muralla Roja – Ricardo Bofill

La Muralla Roja (Spanish for The Red Wall) is a very interesting housing project located within the La Manzanera development in Spain’s Calpe. It embodies a clear reference to the popular architecture of the Arab Mediterranean, in particular to the adobe towers of North…

13. October 2016
Porto Social Housing by Álvaro Siza Vieira #architecture

Bouca Social Housing – Álvaro Siza Vieira

When my boyfriend and I visited Porto earlier this year we made sure to have a look at the Bouca Social Housing Complex by Álvaro Siza Vieira. Siza was born in 1933 and belongs to the most famous Portuguese architects. Shortly after the Portugese…

25. August 2016
Staatsgalerie Stuttgart | Museum by James Stirling

Staatsgalerie Stuttgart

Finally a post that I photographed all by myself, here in Stuttgart. Perhaps Stuttgart does not belong to the best known cities of Germany, but we have some pretty excellent architecture to show off! A great example is the Staatsgalerie Stuttgart, one of the…

11. July 2016
Salk Institute by Louis Kahn | Concrete Architecture in California

Salk Institute by Louis Kahn

The Salk Institute for Biological Studies is an independent, non-profit, scientific research institute located in La Jolla, San Diego. The campus was designed by architect Louis Kahn. He was commissioned to design the Salk Institute in 1959 by Dr. Jonas Salk, inventor of the…

13. June 2016
Phill's Corner Bistro Interior Design

Phill’s Corner Bistro

Phill’s Corner Bistro Phill’s Corner is a bistro by successful restaurateur Filip Mičan, located in the Holport Design Centre in Prague. White painted, rough brick walls and pale mint green concrete floors provide a minimal color concept. Furnitures and accessories are by brands like…

26. May 2016
Par La Roy Fashion Boutique | Retail Design by Savvy Design Studio

Par La Roy Fashion Boutique – Interior Design By Savvy Studio

Par La Roy is a Mexican fashion boutique that promotes selected brands and upcoming artists and designers alike. The space is defined by a simple and clear layout which allows products to be displayed in an orderly and attractive fashion. The ambience itself is…

9. May 2016
Shugaa dessert bar | interior design inspired by sugar crystals

Shugaa Dessert Bar

Shugaa is a bar in Thailand where all you can get is dessert. And the interior design shows it as well! Design agency party / space / design from Bangkok found inspiration in sugar. More precisely, in sugar molecules and crystals. You can find sugar…

20. April 2016
SLA Amsterdam Salad Bar Interior Design

SLA Amsterdam Salad Bar

SLA Amsterdam is a restaurant dedicated to salads. It is located in the De Pijp neighborhood of the city and seems to be the perfect spot to have a light lunch after exploring the area. Beside salads, SLA Amsterdam also serves juices, soups and…

4. April 2016
Auckland Café Interior Design

Eightthirty High Street Café

Eightthirty High Street Café is located in beautiful Auckland, New Zealand, in a spot from the 1920s. The café was transformed by architect Dominic Glamuzina into a clean contemporary café in white, complemented by a pink marbled artwork that spans across two walls. Yolunda…

16. March 2016