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Modern Fashion Paintings / Illustration by Renée Gouin

Renée Gouin

Renée Gouin creates abstract and modern fashion paintings in beautiful color palettes. She seeks her inspiration from an array of aesthetics including the spare flatness of Japanese woodblock prints and the reductive visual vocabulary of Morandi. Her most recent work is influenced by the…

17. August 2017
Amelie Lihl – I'm a Fartist – Female Illustrations

Illustrator Amelie Lihl and the Fartisserie

I stumbled across the colorful work by Amelie Lihl through Eike König’s Instagram account and needed to share it with you! Amelie Lihl is an illustrator from Munich, Germany and loves to produce whatever comes to her mind: Prints, Cards, Zines, Shirts and many…

5. July 2017
Bold colors pattern | made in Copenhagen

Berit Mogensen Lopez

Can’t believe my last post is one month old already! I am really sorry for that and hope to be able to invest more time into the blog in the following weeks. I enjoy researching interesting art and brands as inspiration for you guys,…

9. May 2017
Alicia Galer | Plant Illustration

Alicia Galer

Alicia Galer is a freelance textile designer and artist based in London with an obvious love for plants and leaves. Her practice involves drawing in an expressionist manner from inspiring spaces and travels. With her drawings she extracts the marks and textures she has…

2. March 2017
Italian scenery | Juri Gottschall

Juri Gottschall – Italian Photographies

Juri Gottschall is a photographer from Munich, Germany, with a strong love for Italy. Besides working for several well-known magazines and newspapers he founded the blog Splendido Magazin, together with his friend Mercedes Lauenstein. The two write mainly about Italian eating culture and share…

26. January 2017
Jun Cen | Greek Olympic Fighters

Jun Cen

Jun Cen is an award-wining illustrator and animator who I recently discovered thanks to Pinterest. He was born in Guangzhou, China, a subtropical city with warm and humid weather. He decided to move to another country to receive his MFA in Illustration from Maryland…

29. December 2016
Kristina Krogh calendar 2017 with copper foil print
Art Print

2017 Calendars from Small Businesses #shopsmall

Kristina Krogh Danish artist and graphic designer Kristina Krogh created a new version of her delicate wall calendars! The calendar for 2017 comes in a deep dark green with copper foil typography. It is printed in Denmark on 175 gsm uncoated paper. The hint…

1. December 2016
The Tokyoiter | Cover Illustration by Karan Singh

The Tokyoiter

The Tokyoiter is made by illustration and drawing freaks who are willing to present the talent of artists they like to a larger audience. Some of them are illustrators and some are just living in Tokyo, a wonderful city full of stories and daily…

17. November 2016
Ayumi Takahashi | Graphical Portrait Illustration

Ayumi Takahashi

Illustrator Ayumi Takahashi is deeply in love with ancient Chinese and Japanese figurative paintings as well as contemporary art and fashion design. She says that her work is less about perspective, light and shadow or other traditional techniques in art, it’s purely about a…

22. September 2016
Claire Rosen | Red Bellied Parrot in front of a Vintage Wallpaper

Claire Rosen – Birds of a Feather

Birds of a Feather is a wonderful bird portrait series by photographer Claire Rosen. The idea for this photo series came to Claire when she was searching for a toucan in New Jersey for a commercial photo shoot. She found one at Bird Paradise, one…

1. September 2016