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The Interview with Jewelry Designer Ellen Mote | Sarah Le Donne Blog
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Ellen Mote – Jewelry Designer

Ellen Mote – A Jewelry Designer from Texas who travelled the World Ellen Mote and I luckily got to know each other on Instagram a few weeks ago. I fell for her beautiful jewelry immediately and if she would not live on another continent…

20. June 2016
The Interview with Marin et Marine from Berlin | Sarah Le Donne Blog
Objects The Interview

Marin et Marine – The Interview #07

Marin et Marine – Sea Bags handcrafted in Germany This month I had the pleasure to interview the lovely twins Valérie and Caroline-Marine. In 2013 the two young women established MARIN ET MARINE, a sea bag label that concentrates on the simple but beautiful things…

21. April 2016
The Interview with Fashion Designer Lisa Hackwith | Sarah Le Donne Blog
Fashion The Interview

Lisa Hackwith – The Interview #06

Lisa Hackwith – Fashion Designer & Founder of Hackwith Design House The clothing brand Hackwith Design House (HDH) is releasing a new limited-edition design every Monday with less than 25 of each design produced. The founder of HDH, Lisa Hackwith, believes that your favorite…

21. March 2016
The Interview with Satsuki Shibuya | Sarah Le Donne Blog
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Satsuki Shibuya – The Interview #05

Satsuki Shibuya – Painter, Artist and Spiritual Thinker A lot of you probably know Satsuki Shibuya through her lovely abstract watercolor paintings. Living and working in Rancho Palos Verdes, California, she creates artworks that are based upon intuition, energy and spirit. Satsuki calls herself…

25. February 2016
The Interview with Vrai & Oro | Sarah Le Donne Blog
Objects The Interview

Vrai & Oro – The Interview #04

Vrai & Oro – Fine Jewelry essentials without the retail markups. Made in LA, sold online-only. For the first interview of 2016 I had the pleasure to ask Vanessa Stofenmacher and Chelsea Nicholson – the founders of Vrai & Oro – a couple of…

14. January 2016
The Interview with Anna Mo by Ohhio | Sarah Le Donne Blog
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Super Chunky Blankets by Anna Mo

Anna Mo from Kiev, Ukraine, creates the most cozy and super chunky blankets and other home goods in a range of beautiful colors. Anna says she loved handcrafting since she was a little kid. One day her eye caught an exceptionally soft and luxurious…

23. November 2015
The Interview with Illustrator Sainte Maria | Sarah Le Donne Blog
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Sainte Maria – The Interview #02

The second interview is here! This time one of my current favorite illustrators was so kind to answer some questions: Sainte Maria. Maria is from Russia and she is working as an illustrator and graphic designer as well. She says that art, fashion, garments…

19. October 2015
Fashion The Interview

Arela – The Interview #01

I am really happy to introduce you to a new column here on the blog: The Interview! I thought about this for quite some time now as I’m always curious about the persons and stories behind creative brands. So here we go with the…

23. September 2015