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Boutique – Typeface by MilieuGrotesque

Boutique – Typeface by MilieuGrotesque

The Designer – MilieuGrotesque MilieuGrotesque is a Berlin-Zurich-based, independent publisher and distributor of typefaces and related publications. Established in 2010 by Timo Gaessner and Alexander Colby, it reflects their ongoing interest and involvement with all things typographically related to work and thought. The Typeface…

31. March 2016
Apparata Typeface by Xavier Lanau

Apparata by Xavier Lanau

The Designer – Xavier Lanau Xavier Lanau is a Spanish graphic designer, living and working in beautiful Barcelona. After working at Folch Studio between 2011 and 2012, he started a new chapter as a freelance designer to be able to work closer with his…

4. February 2016
Rooney by Jan Fromm | Typefaces

Rooney by Jan Fromm

ABOUT THIS FONT FAMILY Today I’m showing you a font family that is quite different from the previous ones: Rooney is a serif typeface with a very warm and friendly feel. The idea behind it was to create a rounded typeface without getting a…

30. July 2015
GT Sectra by Grilli Type | Sarah Le Donne Blog – Typefaces

Sectra by Grilli Type

GT Sectra is a contemporary serif typeface released by Grilli Type in 2014. What makes this typeface so special: It combines the calligraphic influence of the broad nib pen with the sharpness of the scalpel knife. The eye-catching cuts also inspired the typefaces name!…

2. July 2015
Superior Title by MCKL | Sarah Le Donne Blog – Typefaces

Superior Title by MCKL

Another great typeface I had the chance to work with recently is Superior Title by MCKL. MCKL is a Minneapolis-based type foundry and design studio run by Jeremy Mickel. They offer a library of retail fonts, as well as providing custom typefaces, lettering, and…

28. May 2015
SangBleu | Typefaces, Fonts


Today I’d like to introduce you to my new column “Typefaces”. Choosing the right typefaces for a branding or editorial project is one of my favorite parts. It’s probably also the most difficult, which only makes it more interesting. Over the years I found…

30. April 2015