Yield Design House

5. January 2017
Yield | colored glas french press & pour over

Yield is an independent design house: part industrial design studio, design label and manufacturer. Yield designs and manufactures a range of bags, jewelry, and goods for the home with an aim to pair American craft and ingenuity with an eye toward the future. The brand was established in late 2012 by Andrew Deming and Rachel Gant in San Francisco where the two met at the California College of the Arts (CCA). Yield design is now based in the historic coastal town of Saint Augustine, FL, the oldest European settlement in the U.S.

We are about respecting the past, yielding to the present and looking forward to the future. We know the fashions of past decades will always find a way to eventually repeat. We look for the core element, the true essence of those times and with it we create something entirely new for today and tomorrow.

Beauty, sustainability and ethical production are not at odds–they must all be considered to create something of true worth. Anything created at someone else’s expense is not beautiful and the manufacturing of disposable goods for short term benefit has robbed our natural resources for too long. We bear a responsibility to create timeless pieces that last. Buy for keeps or please do not buy at all.

Yield | colored glas french press

Yield | colored glas pour over

Yield | colored glas french press & pour over

Yield | simple nude leather backpack and shopper

Yield | rose glas table

Yield | rose glas table

Yield | copper cups vor cocktails

Yield | copper cups vor cocktails

Yield | rosegold fine jewelry ring

Yield | modern earrings and necklace

Yield | gold necklace with marble stones

Yield | simple leather backpack for men

Yield | simple leather backpack and shopper

Yield | simple leather backpack

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  • Avatar
    Reply Corina Nika 5. January 2017 at 14:33

    Oh my so many pretty things!!

    • Sarah Le Donne
      Reply Sarah Le Donne 6. January 2017 at 16:01

      Yes, I want every single piece, especially the glassware is so beautiful.

      I hope you had a great start to 2017 Corina! Happy New Year ;*

  • Avatar
    Reply Ruth Grant 16. September 2018 at 8:44

    Where do I purchase more of your metallic self watering pots, in Australia. Retailer no longer stocks.

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