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Natalie Weinberger | Pyramid Vases | BON Ceramics

10 favorite designers from the BON Ceramics online shop

BON Ceramics was founded 2015 in Berlin as a reaction to the renaissance of the ceramic arts. BON Ceramics is an online store offering a carefully curated range of ceramic objects from selected designers from around the world. Tea pots, vases, vessels, mugs, bowls…

18. July 2016
Time – Modern hourglasses by HAY

Wishlist: 6 new objects for the home by HAY

Just recently I discovered these stunning hourglasses by HAY in a local store. Back home I went online right away to have a look at HAY’s website. Not really surprisingly, there were a lot of new products (especially small objects for the home) that…

7. July 2016
The Interview with Jewelry Designer Ellen Mote | Sarah Le Donne Blog
Objects The Interview

Ellen Mote – Jewelry Designer

Ellen Mote – A Jewelry Designer from Texas who travelled the World Ellen Mote and I luckily got to know each other on Instagram a few weeks ago. I fell for her beautiful jewelry immediately and if she would not live on another continent…

20. June 2016
Andy Warhool Kokeshi Doll by Becky Kemp
Art Objects

Kokeshi Dolls by Becky Kemp

Becky Kemp celebrates cultural icons with traditional Japanese Kokeshi Dolls Becky carried a sketchbook with her 24/7 since she was old enough not to loose it. And ever since she is interested in everything that has to do with arts or creating beautiful things.…

23. May 2016
Modular Candleholders | Stack by Earnest Studio | white & copper

Modular Candleholders

“Stack” is a series of modular candleholders. It was designed by Rachel Griffin for Rotterdam based Earnest Studio (see another great product by her here). Each module is fitted with an o-ring on the interior, allowing the various parts to pressure-fit together. Produced in…

11. May 2016
Earnest Studio | Mill table lamp

Earnest Studio – Mill Table Lamp

The Mill Table Lamp is inspired by the Dexterity of the Basic Sphere The 2016 Salone del Mobile (a furniture fair in Milan) took place this month and I’d like to show you one of my favorite projects that was presented there. Mill is…

5. May 2016
Neighborwoods | Engraved City Coasters made of Wood | Paris

Neighborwoods City Coasters

Neighborwoods – City Coasters made of Engraved Wood Aymie Spitzer’s love of old world maps and hand lettering inspired her to create Neighborwoods as a lab project while she was working at Hyperakt, a Brooklyn design agency. There is something magical about early hand-drawn…

28. April 2016
The Interview with Marin et Marine from Berlin | Sarah Le Donne Blog
Objects The Interview

Marin et Marine – The Interview #07

Marin et Marine – Sea Bags handcrafted in Germany This month I had the pleasure to interview the lovely twins Valérie and Caroline-Marine. In 2013 the two young women established MARIN ET MARINE, a sea bag label that concentrates on the simple but beautiful things…

21. April 2016
Knobbly Studio – Modern Jewelry handmade in Israel

Knobbly Studio Jewelry

Knobbly Studio – Modern Jewelry handmade in Israel Gittit Szwarc is the self taught jewelry designer behind Knobbly Studio and has an interesting story to tell! Her background is in martial arts and movement and she even was a Capoeira teacher before starting her jewelry…

18. April 2016
Experimental Glas & Mirrors

Seeing Glass by Sabine Marcelis & Brit van Nerven

Seeing Glass is a series of glass objects Sabine Marcelis and Brit van Nerven. The two designers worked together with glass specialists who allowed them to play around and experiment in their factory. They investigated new possibilities and through the use of materials, colour…

13. April 2016