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Knobbly Studio – Modern Jewelry handmade in Israel

Knobbly Studio Jewelry

Knobbly Studio – Modern Jewelry handmade in Israel Gittit Szwarc is the self taught jewelry designer behind Knobbly Studio and has an interesting story to tell! Her background is in martial arts and movement and she even was a Capoeira teacher before starting her jewelry…

18. April 2016
Experimental Glas & Mirrors

Seeing Glass by Sabine Marcelis & Brit van Nerven

Seeing Glass is a series of glass objects Sabine Marcelis and Brit van Nerven. The two designers worked together with glass specialists who allowed them to play around and experiment in their factory. They investigated new possibilities and through the use of materials, colour…

13. April 2016
The Botanic Shelf – A multifunctional piece of furniture for your plants

Botanic Shelf

The Botanic Shelf – A multifunctional piece of furniture for your plants Pinja Rouger and Riikka Kantinkoski from Finland faced the same problem with their plants: The lack of light during winter time and also too little space in their apartments. The two friends…

6. April 2016
Concrete, Basalt & Marble Planters | Conpot London

Conpot London – Hand Cast Concrete Planters

Conpot – Concrete Planters made in London As soon as the days are getting longer and the sun is shining more often, I start thinking about all of the plants and herbs I’d like to put on our balcony for summer (just like last…

24. March 2016
Thom Fougere | Leather Saddle Chair

Thom Fougere Studio

Thom Fougere was born in 1987 which I would have never guessed when seeing all the furnitures and objects he designed AND realized already. Thom Fougere studied architecture at the University of Manitoba before working in furniture and product design. In 2011, after his studies in…

17. March 2016
Suede mules in pop colors by Mansur Gavriel
Fashion Objects

Mansur Gavriel launches Shoe Collection

The colors, the scenery, simply everything. Perhaps you know the New York City based label Mansur Gavriel for their famous bags. Rachel Mansur and Floriana Gavriel founded the brand in 2012. Their products are inspired by the contrast of warm natural textures and the…

7. March 2016
Surfboard Table by Brook&Lyn | Made in LA
Objects Spaces

Brook&Lyn – Creative Studio

Brook&Lyn is the Los Angeles based creative studio of husband-and-wife team, Mimi Jung and Brian Hurewitz. Founded in 2009, they produce original objects, furniture, and interiors that express their personal vision of beauty and simplicity. Mimi and Brian draw inspiration from fashion, art, and…

29. February 2016
Key table | GamFratesi for Hem | simple side table

Wishlist: 9 Beautiful Side Table Designs

I don’t know about you, but I love a good side table! (Also chairs, but this is another story…) If I would have the space and if I would not have to look at the price tags, I would buy way to many of…

22. February 2016
Minimalistic British backpacks by Alfie Douglas

Alfie Douglas – Simple, Minimalistic, Handmade Goods

I follow the Instagram account of Alfie Douglas since they launched their label some years ago. Ever since I admire their sophisticated collections that all combine functionalilty and minimalism along with the finest materials. What I didn’t know until today is that Alfie Douglas…

18. February 2016
Ceramic plates handmade in Switzerland by Golden Biscotti

Golden Biscotti

Golden Biscotti was founded 5 years ago by Nicole Lehner, a talented young product designer from Switzerland. During her studies Nicole became interested in local, hand-crafted products. Impressed by the enormous storehouse of knowledge of materials and workmanship possessed by these artisans, she is…

11. February 2016