Wishlist: Summer Essentials

9. July 2015
Summer Essentials | The Beach People | round towel

We are in the middle of summer and during the last days it was getting unusually warm here in Germany. We had around 100 degrees for a couple of days, but I didn’t complain! I was just happy that finally the sun was shining all day long. Perhaps it was the weather that inspired me to make this summer wishlist.

Summer Essentials | The Beach People | round towelI found those round towels on the lovely blog Cocorrina by the Greece designer Corina Nika. I liked them right away, so I had to find out more! The towels are called Roundies, are 100% cotton and are all hand drawn. Victoria Beattie & Emma Henderson from The Beach People are the inventors of these great summer essentials. They live and work in Australia where they are growing a community of like minded sea lovers around the globe.

Summer Essentials | Minimalistic Ice Cream ScoopThis ice cream scoop by Belle-V is the most beautiful I’ve ever seen. It’s very minimalistic while still beeing super functional. The handle is sculpted, weighted and balanced to feel just right when used. The angled head is supposed to give you maximum leverage to easily drive through the hardest ice cream.

Summer Essentials | Nicolas Vahé | Ice Making Set for PopsiclesMaking popsicles by myself is something I discovered just this month! It’s quick, it makes fun and you are in control about how much sugar you’d like to add! I got this stand by Nicolas Vahé that holds six pops.

Summer Essentials | & other stories sunglassesNo summer without sunglasses. They’re probably the most important summer essentials, so they had to be included in this wishlist. I have a love for sunglasses with semi-transparent frames like this one from & Other Stories.

Summer Essentials | Marysia high waist Bikini
Summer Essentials | Marysia high waist Bikini

Bikinis, it is so hard to buy a new one! Especially if you don’t want to spend a fortune. This one here by Marysia sadly belongs to the expensive category. Still, I needed to show it to you, because for me this one is pure perfection. I simply love the scallop neckline, the simple cut and the high waist bottom. Also the summer sales are starting and perhaps, perhaps this beauty can be bought at a reduced price soon. One can dream, right?

Now that I’ve told you about my summer essentials, what are yours?

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  • Avatar
    Reply Kian 9. July 2015 at 20:00

    I am obsessed with the scallop bikini and the round towel! It would make for so many amazing pictures at the beach. Do you take the product photos yourself or grab them from the website?

    • Sarah Le Donne
      Reply Sarah Le Donne 10. July 2015 at 11:32

      Hi Kian! I’m obsessed with them as well. If I would live somewhere near the sea I would probably own a couple of Roundies 😉 For this post I took all pictures from their websites, they were just so perfect. Of course I always make sure to link back to them.

  • Avatar
    Reply Niamh 13. July 2015 at 16:43

    Wow – I love these finds. The round towel is so beautiful!

  • Avatar
    Reply Sher 13. July 2015 at 17:27

    Neat finds! I love the round towels!

    • Sarah Le Donne
      Reply Sarah Le Donne 13. July 2015 at 18:43

      The round towels are a favorite of mine as well. Happy you like them!

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