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21. May 2015
Kristina Krogh Artwork Prints | Sarah Le Donne blog

The artwork and paper goods by Kristina Krogh are truly something special, so of course I needed to share her work with you! Kristina is a Danish graphic designer and artist who lives in Copenhagen. She studied at the Graphic Arts Institute of Denmark in 2011 and owns her own online shop today.

Her works captivate the viewer due to the unexpected combinations of different materials like marble, ply, wood, cork or paper. She mixes surfaces that are cold, warm, soft, hard, heavy or light in a very natural and appealing way. The artworks are all printed locally in Denmark and only high quality paper is used. Each print is signed and numbered by Kristina.

Kristina says that her inspiration comes from the things and objects that surrounds her; a beautiful old parquet, a perfect color combination on a building, a stone floor in a church, a bike ride through Copenhagen – among many other things.

KristinaKrogh-Waves-blue-yellow-detail2-webWaves, blue/yellow | Limited edition of 200 (50x70cm)

Kristina Krogh Artwork Prints | Black Stones Collage

Kristina Krogh Artwork Prints |Green Galaxy CollageGreen Galaxy | Limited edition of 90 (50x50cm)

Kristina Krogh Artwork Prints | Levels in beige + copperLevels letterpress prints on uncoated paper embossed with shiny metallic foil

Kristina Krogh Artwork Prints | Levels in blue + gold

Kristina Krogh Artwork Prints | Seasons ofr Stilleben in green + gold

Kristina Krogh Artwork Prints | Levels in grey + silver

Kristina Krogh Artwork Prints | Flora

Kristina Krogh Prints | Calendar with copper foil2015 Letterpress calendar (50x70cm)

Kristina Krogh Paper Goods | Notebook with gold foilNotebooks embossed with gold metallic foil

Kristina Krogh Paper Goods | Notebook with gold foil

You can see more of Kristina’s work and purchase her products at her online shop. (She offers worldwide shipping, yay for that!) And take a look at her beautiful Instagram feed!

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